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1) Potatoes Boxes


2) DDR Box internal planking


3) Pallet


4) Shelf


5) Pallet Collars


6) Glass Pallet


7) Non-Standard Boxes


About us

We are the Lithuanian company with German philosophy.
We are located in Kaunas area.
With about 100 workers we are working more than 25 years as sawmill with 90 percent further remake:

  1. Massive wooden shelf system
  2. Diverse pallet
  3. Box for industry
  4. Big boxes for the vegetables and grain storage
  • Potatoes boxes
  • Carrots boxes
  • Onions boxes
  • Garlic boxes
  • Grain boxes
  • Nuts boxes
  • Seeds boxes
  • Spices boxes
  • Special boxes
  1. Standart and not standart pallet collars
  2. Glass and ceramics pallet
Currently, the company carries out all wood processing stages:

  • Wood Drying
  • Thermal processing and certification in accordance with ISPM 15
  • Planing
  • Routing
  • Drilling
  • Wood products circuit
  • Bonding

Our production and warehousing facilities to roofing and covers an area of 6,500 m² and the total company covers an area of 26,000 m².


Family Maag has been dealing with wood-processing for over 135 years in the 4th generation in a small town called Recke, which is located in a region called Münsterland in Germany.
In 1995, Paul Maag se up a sawmill by the river Neman near Kaunas in Lithuania. The buildings, which have a size of 2500 m²., were originally a storage for potatoes, that had been inaugurated by the former minister of agriculture Michael Gorbatschow in 1983.
In 1999, the production of pallets and boxes started with very simple resources.In 2001, the first 250 big-boxes were produced after intense preliminary planning. These  boxes consist of five elements, which can be site assembled solely by carriage bots. Special attention was paid to provide an outstanding quality, that is considerably sturdier and hence more persistent than that of other competitors.
In 2003, our first major order of big-boxes with forced ventilation was delivered and assembled to everyone’s full satisfaction.
2008: Due to our ideal technical equipment with computer-operated machines and facilities and motivated employees, our products satisfy the highest standards.

That is why all production steps remain in our responsibility:Sawing- drying- planning- milling- drilling- nailing- screwing- sizing/gluingHigh-quality-storing for Your premium comestibles!